Thermal Spray Metals and Metallizing -Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia- Metallizing is a process that can be used to replace worn corroded metals or provide a protective cathode layer using Zinc, aluminum or 85/15 alloy, or RF/ EMI shielding using dense metals such as Babbitt. Metalizing can also be used as a decorative coating when materials such as bronze or copper are applied. When a high temperature functional coating is required on steel surfaces aluminum can be applied with outstanding results.

ASCo applies thermal sprayed metals most often for corrosion protection. Pure zinc wire as an example is melted in a hand held pistol device and sprayed onto target surfaces. Resulting surfaces will have a uniform coating of zinc quickly and efficiently. In many instances when hot dip galvanizing cannot be performed because of fabrication limitations or rapid turnaround is require, thermal arc sprayed zinc can be used as a direct replacement for hot dip galvanizing.

Steel surfaces such as molds or dies wear quickly because of aggressive erosion can be improved using hard alloys such as Hastalloy or other hard metals.  These are also spray applied.

Metallizing can be used as a functional coating when applied to aluminum and steel when it is sputtered onto a surface to create a permanent metallic non-slip surface.

Artist and designers use thermal sprayed coatings and apply them to concrete surfaces, or to change the color and texture of fabricated metal sculptures. Copper or bronze for instance may be applied to steel or aluminum in a thin film that can be patina coated making the finished product look like copper.